Scams are targeting our friends, parents, grandparents and clients

Publisher’s Clearing House Scams are targeting our older family members, clients and friends.

Quick PSA – A client and friend came to my office today, with a letter and a check from PCH, made payable to her, for $7600.

It looked legitimate, but was indeed a fraud.  After searching the internet and PCH’s own website and fraud page, I was able to advise her to shred the check and contact PCH immediately with details of the scam.  The letter is on PCH letterhead and informs the recipient that she has won, and this check is a prepayment of taxes.  The letter instructs her to call and talk about it, before depositing.  Thankfully, she came to me first, so that the scammers won’t have her phone number.  I wanted to share the link to PCH’s website.  This is so important for our parents, grandparents and older friends who come from the Publisher’s Clearing House generation and trust their name.

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