Fall Is Here

“ A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer’s wave goodbye”  author unknown  

As we wave goodbye to summer, we are “spicing” and sprucing things up here.  We are excited to say that if you are reading this article, our new website is finished and we are officially rolling it out.  Christine has been so busy writing content for the website, that she almost ran out of words for the newsletter, but not quite!  We simply shortened it this quarter, sending it to many of our folks along with their quarterly reports. But, we are now be able to share so much more on the website, and through this new “Straight Talk” Blog, as well as an IPI Facebook page, and perhaps, even a Twitter account.  Our teenagers are proud that we are finally improving our technology, and they are, of course, giving us pointers. 

Life continues to be busy, with both a Senior and a Freshman in High School.  We are enjoying the final year of Neenah Football, the first year of NHS swimming, and are knee-deep in college planning.  But also, like so many of you, we are also taking care of older parents, while at the same time working and caring for children, so we understand that delicate balance and the need  to help our family members through difficult life transitions.

Message from Christine: Corgenius Transitions Support Master Class

Because of my desire to be able to help not only my family, but my clients as well, through life’s many transitions, I deepened my education, and am now a graduate of the Corgenius Transition Support Master Class. This comprehensive class equips financial professionals like me, to more effectively guide clients through all the transitions, losses, and griefs of life.   I am now better trained to help you achieve not only your financial goals, but also your non-financial goals throughout your lifetime. I have gained a unique understanding of the needs and experiences it takes to traverse the twists and turns that inevitably affect our families.

At this intensive two-day class, we openly talked about difficult topics, from death and funerals, to terminal illness and even suicide.  We learned how grief affects the body and mind, and we learned that grief can be experienced even in happy times, such as empty-nesting and retirement.  I have always believed that to be a good financial advisor and servant, I need to understand more than just your money; I need to understand your life.  I am here to help and I will share more about the transitions class in my next blog.

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