7 Reasons to Be Happy Even if Things Aren’t Perfect Now

By Lori Deschene

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” ~Unknown

Even though I couldn’t possibly care less about oil-based raincoats, I listened to him talk for about fifteen minutes one rainy morning last week.

This little guy, with his colorful button-down shirt and funny-looking hat makes my day most mornings. He works at the 7-11 where I get my coffee. And he always seems happy.

At first I thought he was just putting on a good face, making the best of a tough situation. After all, he couldn’t possibly enjoy working at a convenience store, right? Continue reading “7 Reasons to Be Happy Even if Things Aren’t Perfect Now”

The ABCs of Finance: Teaching Kids About Money

It’s never too soon to start teaching children about money. A few simple lessons will provide a solid foundation for a lifetime of financial decisions.

Whether they’re tagging along with you to the grocery store or watching you make purchases online, children quickly realize that we use money to buy the things we want. You can teach some simple lessons today that will give them a solid foundation for making a lifetime of sound financial decisions. Continue reading “The ABCs of Finance: Teaching Kids About Money”

Think Twice Before Speculating on a COVID-19 Cure

As hundreds of companies race to develop vaccines and drug therapies that could help end the COVID-19 pandemic, news reports on successful or failed trials affect individual stock prices and can trigger swings in the broader market. Understandably, this highly contagious virus — and its severe economic repercussions — has a knack for stirring up investors’ emotions. Continue reading “Think Twice Before Speculating on a COVID-19 Cure”

May 29 is 529 Plan Day

May 29 (5/29) is nationally recognized by the college savings industry as 529 Plan Day, a day to highlight these tax-advantaged education savings accounts. At the end of 2019, there were 13.4 million 529 savings plan accounts with a total of $346 billion in assets. (Source: ISS Market Intelligence, 529 Market Highlights, 4Q 2019)

529 Savings Plans vs. Prepaid Tuition Plans

Section 529 plans are popular education savings vehicles. To choose the type of 529 plan that’s right for you, it’s important to understand how 529 savings plans and 529 prepaid tuition plans work and the differences between them. Continue reading “May 29 is 529 Plan Day”

 Stay on Top of “Stay At Home” – A List of Statewide Orders, as of April 26, 2020

Because the COVID-19 situation is dynamic, with new governmental measures each day, employers should consult with counsel for the latest developments and updated guidance.

By Littler Mendelson on April 26, 2020


Continue reading ” Stay on Top of “Stay At Home” – A List of Statewide Orders, as of April 26, 2020″

IMPORTANT: Summary of the CARES Act

Provisions make it easier to withdraw money from retirement accounts.


On March 27, 2020, President Trump signed a historic stimulus bill into law that became effective immediately. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act provides relief for retirement plan investors affected by COVID-19.

We’re here to support you through these changes and are actively working to meet the new provisions. We will keep you updated as we learn more. Continue reading “IMPORTANT: Summary of the CARES Act”

Considering a New Employment Opportunity

What is it?

In the past, workers stayed with the same company for years and years, working their way up in the company. However, times have changed. Businesses facing hard economic times restructure, forcing employees to look for new jobs. It’s also become common for workers to change jobs several times throughout their careers as they seek higher salaries and new professional opportunities. Whether you’re forced to seek a new employment opportunity or are willingly doing so, you’ll eventually be faced with an important decision: When you’re offered a job, should you take it? Continue reading “Considering a New Employment Opportunity”


Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act

Stay tuned right here for more information, on this unprecendented relief act, one that will allow you to defer your RMDs and for those under 59 1/2, take a hardship distribution from their retirement savings, without penalty.


Volatility & the Coronavirus

Hello all,

I wanted to post a new article on this fifth day of market tumult.

Fears of a pandemic over the continuing spread of the coronavirus, coupled with the worries over disruptions to the global supply chain, seem to have resulted in panic selling.

Please see attached an article from Brian Wesbury, Chief Economist with First Trust, as well as a chart showing S&P 500 Index Price Performance since 1980 with impacts from major outbreaks or epidemics.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!

Time to Fear the Coronavirus?

Epidemics – 2020