A New Beginning Must Always Start with an Ending

Message from Christine & Royal

A New Beginning Must Always Start with an Ending


This is such a true sentiment on which to reflect, in the beginning of a new year.  As one year ends, a new one begins.  So, as we usher in 2019 with new hopes, new resolutions and new beginnings, we must also say a few goodbyes.

At the end of 2018, our family said goodbye to Royal’s father, holding his hand as he ended his life here on earth, and began a new one.  We also had to say goodbye to some very dear clients, as they too left this world for a new one, and yet, left it all the better for their presence, honoring us with the task to help take care of their loved ones and heirs, going forward.

This year too will bring special endings and new beginnings.  Our son is a Senior this year, so we have already had the NHS Football Farewell Banquet and sooner than we think, graduation will be coming.  His high school years will soon be over, but his college years just beginning.  Our daughter also said goodbye to her middle school years, as she stepped into high school.

Thankfully at the office, the changes are not so dramatic.  We said goodbye to our old website, and embraced change and worked with a wonderful website firm to begin 2019 with a new look, hoping to share our services and our message with more people.  If you haven’t yet visited, please take a look at www.ipistrategies.com.

In the industry, we may need to say goodbye to the nine years of bull markets, as we reluctantly welcome in the bears.  As we have said before, this change was due to come, as it is part of a normal market cycle.  And, although it can be difficult to see your account statement during those down months, please know that all of our meetings, talks and reviews during all of the up years, were to ensure you are set to weather the down year(s).  Now is the right time to meet, review your goals and ensure nothing has changed, so that you can ride through the volatility and change in economic cycles.  We welcome phone calls and meetings, at any time.

A client recently shared with me some sage advice from another advisor in his

circle: “Times like these are never pleasant, but they are inevitable.  And, they are finite.”  Well said Mr. Casey.

So, as you reflect on the year gone by, may the beginning of this new year of 2019 bring you much health and happiness, and may the endings in your life offer beautiful new beginnings.

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