Our clients are our passion

When we work with you, you become part of our family

Many of our clients have been with us for over 20 years

At IPI, we value our clients for their relationship, not for their account size. We build open, caring relationships with our clients, based on trust and respect and a true desire to do the right thing and put our clients first.

Christine RondeauChristine A. Rondeau, CFP®
Royal Rondeau
"I have been investing in my clients since 1995"

Our core motivation is to help someone in need. We know that money can be a difficult thing to discuss, and not all events that bring you to us, are happy times. Many of our clients have experienced difficult transitions, and they need an advisory team with the knowledge and skills to confidently and effectively support them in emotional and non-financial ways as well.

We view each relationship as a partnership, to build your long-term financial security. We connect and partner with our clients, helping them choose a

strategy that fits their financial future, and we walk along side of them, through some of the most difficult and emotional times in life.

Since stepping in to the advisory world in 1995, it has been my job to take care of client’s needs, be that at the firm where I started, or inside my own firm. It was in 2006 when I earned my baptism by fire. I stepped forward as a lead advisor in order to protect the wonderful people with whom I had worked for more than 10 years, officially making them my clients and opening my own firm, protecting their interests when they had a tough choice to make. My job as an advisor was to put my client’s needs first, and I am still doing that today.

I love what I do and I am lucky to be able to say that my business partner is also my partner in life, my husband Royal. Together we make a great team, both at home, taking care of our teenagers, and at work, taking care of our clients and our firm. We are proud to be a team, and we would like to be your team too.


This is the key to the way we do business, delivering services with your best interest in mind.


More than a return on your investment; it’s making sure you are meeting your life goals along the way.


Using the latest technology to enhance the personalized service that we provide to every client.

We are ready to help you gain the financial peace you desire.

Start planning with us today. We offer a free-consultation, because we believe in building a relationship first.

Financial Planning

Working with a CFP® to uncover your goals and create a comprehensive financial plan, tailored to you.

Portfolio Management

Understanding your goals then choosing the investment mix that best fit your goals.

Life Insurance

Finding the right protection for your family and their future.

401K Management

Helping you turn your career savings into an income stream during retirement.

Estate Planning

Ensuring you have documents and beneficiaries in place to carry on your legacy.

Education Funds

Helping to establish 529s/ESAs/Roth IRAs for your children’s’ future.