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Life insurance is a great way to protect your family

It doesn't matter your age, now is the time to plan for your family.

The financial decisions that result from the loss of a loved one can be overwhelming. That is why we work to ensure that your family has the financial resources to continue living, after you are gone. Your family is the reason why you want to have life insurance in place. If you are like most people, it’s not that you don’t appreciate the value of life insurance. In fact, many people believe they need more coverage, but for various reasons, do not want to buy it.

Thinking about life insurance, discussing the reason for buying life insurance, all of this makes people feel uncomfortable. Many feel they don’t have enough time, knowledge or resources to buy it. Others feel it is just too morbid to talk about death. This is not uncommon, and you are not alone, but life insurance is one of the single best gifts you can leave to your family, so let’s start the conversation.

The story of Arthur

Arthur was a planner. He was a hard worker and he was a doer! He loved his family, fishing and the Green Bay Packers, in that order. Arthur had just retired and was ready to do more fishing. He had one son getting married in the fall, one daughter still in college and a bride of 25 years whom he was ready to spend more time with. Then, the unthinkable happened and Arthur died in an automobile accident. His family was devastated. But, because Arthur was a planner, he had ensured that life insurance was part of his plan. There was money for the final expenses, but more importantly, there was money for weddings, for college educations and for income, when his wife could not work. Arthur gave a wonderful final gift, to his family.

Provide Income

Secure an income source for your family when you no longer can.

Pay Off Debt

Make sure your family is not strapped with debt if they lose you.

Final Expenses

Final expenses are costly. Don't leave this up to your grieving family to deal with.

Provide an Estate

Whether for your family or a special charity, you are able to give a final gift.

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Life insurance can be a scary thing for some people due to not knowing which kind to get, or how much to get. We work with you to take all the guess work out of it. Whether you are a new young family just starting out, or you are looking to leave an estate for your family, we have something to help. Life insurance can be one of the greatest gifts you can give your family.

Whole Life Insurance
  • Whole life insurance is a permanent policy, which gives you guaranteed protection for your loved ones that lasts a lifetime. With whole life insurance, unlike term, you earn guaranteed cash value, which you can use however you want.

Term Life Insurance
  • Term life insurance, also known as pure life insurance, is life insurance that guarantees payment of a death benefit during a specified term. Once the term expires, you can either renew for another term, convert to permanent coverage, or allow the policy to terminate.

Universal Life
  • Universal and Variable life insurance are very different from whole life and term products. A universal life insurance contract (UL), or variable universal life insurance contract (VUL) does not have minimum cash value guarantees in the same way that whole life does. Nor do they necessarily require level premiums.